Friday Maths Puzzle

Maths brain
Researchers identified three regions of the brain that predict improvement in math learning — the posterior parietal cortex, ventrotemporal occipital cortex, and the prefrontal cortex.

Research conducted by Dr. Tanya Evans of Stanford University showed that children who know math are able to recruit certain brain regions more reliably, and have greater gray matter volume in those regions, than those who perform more poorly in math.  The brain regions involved in higher math skills in high-performing children were associated with various cognitive tasks involving visual attention and decision-making.  While correlation may not imply causation, this study indicates that the same brain regions that help you do math are recruited in decision-making and attention processes.

27 – 36 – 45 = 4

81 – 72 – 63 = 4

39 – 48 – 57 = 4

47 – 22 – 85 = ??


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A bit of Amsterdam… 

…and a bit of poetry


Happy Friday, wherever you are! 🙂 



    1. Cred ca iar am “sarit” masurile de data asta. Primul numar adunat cu al treilea. Apoi inmultit cu 2 iar la final impartit la cel de al doilea numar. Raspunsul este 12
      [(47+ 85) x2 ] : 22 = 12.
      Multumesc mult, draga Potecuta! O seara frumoasa si o noua saptama plina de bucurii! 🙂

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